Quality Control

In 2006 Folsom Tool Corporation at its 12 Mount Pleasant facility gained NADCAP approval for "Welding". The NADCAP accreditation process was in support of Boeing NADCAP initiatives.

In 2008 Folsom Tool gained AS9100, Revision B approvals for its Quality Manager System from KEMA Quality. The AS9100 accreditation process was in support of aerospace AS9100 certification initiatives.

In 2012 Folsom Tool Corporation gained AS9100, Revision C approval for its Quality Management System from DEKRA Quality. Additionally, Folsom Tool Corporation received Digital Product Definition (DPD) / Model Base Definition (MBD) approval from Boeing. The AS9100 and DPD/MBD accreditation processes were in support of Boeing's certification initiatives.

In 2018, Folsom Tool successfully transitioned to AS9100 Revision D for our Quality Management System by receiving a 100% Audit Score from Dekra Quality. Nadcap’s Welding Audit was equally successful with “Zero Findings,” recertifying Folsom Tool for Welding on eAuditNet.com’s Qualified Manufacturers List.

Folsom Tool has received Boeing's Silver Performance Award in manufacturing for 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012. Additionally in 2013 and 2017, Folsom Tool received the Boeing Performance Excellence Award. In 2011 Folsom Tool received Eaton Aerospace Premier Supplier Award.

Quality System / Approvals / Certifications:

AS9100 Revision D / ISO 9001:2015 Certification
NADCAP Fusion / Tack Welding Certification
D1-4426 Boeing Fusion Welding Approval
Eaton Corporation Certificate of Approved Supplier


  • Solid Modeling
  • Free-Form Surface Modeling
  • Solid Assemblies
  • Production & Detail Drawings


  • Direct Catia Model Import
  • Associative 2D Toolpaths
  • Pocketing, Contouring, & Drilling
  • Surface Roughing
  • Surface Cleanup Machining
  • Multiaxis Machining
  • High Speed Machining
  • Realtime 3D Toolpath Verification


  • Drafting
  • Draw-Space 2D/3D Integration
  • Dynamic Sketcher
  • 3D Wireframe
  • Exact Solids
  • 3D Parametric Variational Modeler
  • Feature Based Design
  • Advanced Surface Design
  • Free Form Design
  • Catia Library
  • Solid Mock-up
  • Iges Interface