About Us

Company Background Information

Folsom Tool & Mold Company was founded in 1960 and was located in Folsom, PA. The company outgrew its facility at the Folsom location, and in 1983, built a new plant at 12 Mt. Pleasant Drive, Aston, PA, where it resides today.

In 2002 new ownership was brought to Folsom Tool & Mold Corp. with a vision of becoming a premier manufacturing supplier to the local aerospace companies.  Soon after, Folsom Tool & Mold Company changed its name to Folsom Tool Corporation. In 2010 Folsom Tool expanded to over 35,000 square feet, adding a new sheet metal cell and increasing the assembly capacity. 

In 2020, Folsom Tool Corp., added a second location: 240 Bridgewater Road, Aston, PA, to it's AS9100D certificate. This second facility adds more precision machining capabilities in order to meet the needs of our customers.